Collin Baldacci


Firefighter with Evansville Fire & EMS, I am also an EMT-Intermediate and a HazMat Technician. I’m a member of Wyoming Regional Emergency Response Team 2. I am also a contract instructor for The Blue Cell Group out of Colorado and write grants on the side as well. I also volunteer with Natrona County Search & Rescue. 
What I love about where we work is we get to experience a variety of life. There are some big city events but also small town style living. I’m close to the family ranch and have a large variety of outdoor activities within a short drive. 
Our coalition really allows me to combine a lot of my work into one product. We plan for catastrophic events, we support the needs of other agencies, and get to work with everyone from hospitals and mental health agencies to fire departments and school districts. No year is ever the same and it has been really interesting to see the transformation of the coalition over the years. 
For fun I am working on remodeling my house, I also camp, hunt, fish, and hike quite a bit. My dog and I like to explore different areas of the region and so we travel quite a bit. I’m also a big baseball fan so over the summer I’m probably listening or watching a baseball game most afternoons and evenings.