Meet Our Team

Kaleigh Good

President and Readiness & Response Coordinator

Kaleigh Good serves as the President and Readiness & Response Coordinator for the Central Wyoming Healthcare Coalition. She has taken on this role since 2017 but in previous years she served as a Co-Chair and has been a member of CWHCC since its inception in 2014. She also works as an EMT for Frontier Ambulance and is the Training Officer for Riverton Search & Rescue. 

Collin Baldacci


Firefighter with Evansville Fire & EMS, I am also an EMT-Intermediate and a HazMat Technician. I’m a member of Wyoming Regional Emergency Response Team 2. I am also a contract instructor for The Blue Cell Group out of Colorado and write grants on the side as well. I also volunteer with Natrona County Search & Rescue. 

Traci Foutz


I have worked at Fremont County Public Health for 10 years. I love living near the mountains and having the awesome opportunities for any and all types of outdoor activities.  I enjoy hunting, fishing, and camping with my family. I’ve been with the Central Wyoming Healthcare Coalition for 6 ½ years.


Cari Hacking

Clinical Advisor to Central Wyoming Healthcare Coalition

Cari Hacking is the Trauma Program Manager at Banner Wyoming Medical Center. She also serves as the Clinical Advisor for the CWHHC. Cari’s background and focus include emergency nursing and trauma nursing. She holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing, Certified Emergency Nurse, TNCC instructor, ENPC instructor, ATLS coordinator, and RTTDC coordinator. 

Dave Gier

Carbon County Board Member

My name is David Gier (Dave). I live in Rawlins with my wife and 2 children. I
have been involved in EMS and Fire in one form or another for 30+ years. In my off
time, I like to go to the mountains and decompress, fishing, hunting, and all things
Wyoming. Currently, Work with the Carbon County Coroners office and am the
Deputy Fire Warden.

Russ Dalgarn

Converse County Board Member

I work for Converse County Emergency Management. Something I love most about where I live is the wide open spaces and the mountains.  If I don’t like the weather I know it can, and does, change seasons in 10 minutes. I like working with the CWHCC to know what other agencies are having struggles with, as well as success with.  


Fremont County Board Member

Matt Gacke

Natrona County Board Member

I currently am the Fire Marshal/ Paramedic for Natrona County Fire. I have been in public service for approx. 24 years, all 24 years being on ground ambulances or Critical Care Flight Medic and 20 Years in the Fire Service. 

Mike Simoneaux

Niobrara County Board Member

I work as a Flight Nurse and Clinical Base Lead for Wyoming Life Flight in Casper. I am also the Trauma Coordinator and Clinical Educator for Niobrara Community Hospital in Lusk.  


Eastern Shoshone Tribe Board Member

Kat Conrad

Northern Arapahoe Representatives

 I am currently the PHRC for Northern Arapaho’s Wind River Family & Community Health Care, also known as Wind River Cares. I work out of an office in Ethete on the Wind River Reservation. Over the last 15 years I have worked in emergency management or law enforcement in UT, CO, and KS. Moving around allowed me to build a resume of responses to different natural disasters and man-made incidents, as well as build a preparedness outlook for teaching others to be prepared for the unthinkable. Outside of work, I like road trips, casual hikes, and reading. The best road trips are just me, a DSLR and a stack of books being completely spontaneous. That’s why I stayed in emergency management for so long. Natural disasters are not planned; they are spontaneous, and disaster response creates an adrenaline rush like no other.