Mike Simoneaux

Niobrara County Board Member

I work as a Flight Nurse and Clinical Base Lead for Wyoming Life Flight.in Casper.   I am also the Trauma Coordinator and Clinical Educator for Niobrara Community Hospital in Lusk.  I love Wyoming’s unspoiled and majestic landscapes.  Wyoming has a lot of amazing people..  We are so rural that we all know everyone in healthcare and EMS.  “It’s great, we are a big family of health care clinicians taking care of everyone living and moving through our state.”  The greatest benefit of working with the Central Wyoming Healthcare Coalition is playing an active role in enhancing our community’s emergency preparedness.  As a flight nurse and trauma coordinator, I have experienced and understand the significance of fostering partnerships with your surrounding communities and organizations.  We must rely on each other and support our neighboring emergency and healthcare systems.  “We are all in this together with disaster management!”  I love family time, concerts, playing music, and running.